Giulia Cigarini

Giulia discovered her passion for fashion when she was young. After finishing her studies in makeup she began working with singers and actors for videoclips and films.
Over the years she has followed a career in the fashion industry and now mostly follows shootings and runway shows while maintain in an interest in cinema, music, and art. She has developed a distinct style and respect for woman’s natural beauty, strength, and vigor.
She works with Walter Ffeiffer, Tom Johnson, Claudia Knoepfel, Matteo Montanari, Jeff Bark, Mel Bles, Andrea Artemisio, among others.

Selected Clients

10 Magazine, Vogue Italia, Vogue Ukraina, Dust Magazine, W Magazine, Arena Homme +, Buffalozine, The Greatest, Interview Russia, D La Repubbica, Odiseo, Hearts Magazine, H&M, Magliano, MSGM, Gas Jeans, CP Company, Vivetta, Erika Cavallini, Retrosuperfuture, and Drome

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