Close Up Milano | Gabriele Giussani
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Gabriele Giussani

Gabriele Giussani is an Italian filmmaker and photographer, who’s interest and roots in the music world, led him onto the path of visual image making.  He studied Art and Cinema before working as an assistant both in Milan, and then for four years in Berlin, with the Artist Armin Linke, before moving to London and new collaborations.

His work captures the veiled frequency where reality touches Utopia, yet his approach to work is to do things easy, direct, sharp and painful. In the end, comparable to the squid for the black risotto.

Dazed & Confused.

Editorials Include: Dazed Media, Purple, TOH!, New Breed, 62nd Floor.

Clients Include: Pal Zilleri, FAY, Arthur Arbesser, Alviero Martini,  Noizywood, Pennyblack.