Close Up Milano | Myro Wulff
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Myro Wulff

Myro Wulff is a German born fashion and portrait photographer, who’s refined yet accessible photography delights and surprises, deftly capturing the spirit of our age.

His subjects are strong, self-assured and relaxed, forging their own destinies in today’s world of contrasts. Whether it’s us observing them, or them observing us, there’s a sense of intimate engagement, shading commercialism in favour of connection.

The stories resonate with a sense of zeitgeist, linking Myro’s pictures to the heritage of photographers who have shot unforgettable images, from the streets London and New York, to the beaches of California.

Following his studies at Central Saint Martins and years of experience with some of the industries leading fashion photographers, Myro has built up a substantial portfolio, featuring in many international publications, and exhibiting work in New York.

An avid surfer, Myro works worldwide from his London base.